Monday, August 22, 2011

“The love of a family is life's greatest blessing”

Ever hear that saying " Friends come and go but family is forever " .. Well it's true. No matter what struggles you go through in life, your family will always be there. We all have those moments when you feel as if you can do things on your own, or trust your friends more than your family because you can tell them everything and certain things you can't tell your parents or siblings.. Well that's false. There are 3 different ways people deal with there problems..

  1. Keep it to themselves and not giving it to God
  2. Let it out to your friends and have them give you a piece of there own advice
  3. Try and forget it all together

But there are down falls to all of those 3 acts. If you keep it to yourself, your bottling it up and letting it eat away at you. How does that benefit you at all? All that would ever do for me at the time would make me think and think until i would come up with some crazy solution. And as expressing your feelings go to your friends, well it isn't necessarily that bad, that is if your telling the right person. You can tell anyone any story, but just know that story may get twisted. Choosing your friends is a difficult task at times, but finding the right ones is the biggest accomplishment. Those ones who stick around through it all,  the ones that are there for you. Basically, make sure the friends that you have, are truly there for you.  Don't ever try to be someone your not, just because you feel you need to be accepted. You should be accepted for the beauty of who you truly are. And the last thing, trying to forget your problems. You can try your hardest to forget what is pulling at your heart or bothering you, but just know they may come back in the long run. And who wants to deal with something twice, even though they don't want to deal with it the first time? 

Just know that you are not alone with anything that you go through. God is right by your side through it all. He knows what your thinking, how your feeling, what your going through. Cast your burdens at the foot of the cross. I promise, you won't be disappointed, just unbelievably loved :-)

Sorry for the late posts guys, it's been a rough couple of days!

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