Saturday, March 17, 2012

Something new :)

Lately I've been getting lazy with reading through my bible and truly studying Gods word. So I'm starting a new book which requires, scripture and wisdom on God for 40 days. I feel as if i should share with you all too! The book is called "40 days with Jesus, celebrating his presence" by: Sarah Young. I encourage you all to read along with me or get the book on your own.. God has such a calling on your life, whether you know it or not!!

So with that being said, I will have frequent updates on scripture and teachings of the book, something small to get you through the day and for you to know that you are beautifully and wonderfully made and have such a great purpose and place in this life! :-)

Day 1:
(key points that I read and felt were important)

- It says, "Sometimes my blessings come to you in mysterious ways: through pain and trouble. At such times you can know my goodness only through your trust in Me."
 .... What that says is, things may not always be going the way you planned. And even though you expect so much out of various situations, doesn't mean that there going to go that way. God lets things happen for a reason and if you give him your trust, he will take care of you. No matter how big or how small, he will be there for you every step of the way. " I also speak Peace to you, for I know your anxious thoughts. Listen to Me! Tune out ALL other voices, so that you can hear ME more clearly. I designed you to dwell in Peace all day, every day. Draw near to me."

Scripture from the reading:

"Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. And be thankful." - Colossians 3:15


I am very excited to see what God has in store! Always keep your head held high and don't let anyone take away your happiness :-)

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Saturday, December 10, 2011

“Life is full of beauty. Notice it. Notice the bumble bee, the small child, and the smiling faces. Smell the rain, and feel the wind. Live your life to the fullest potential, and fight for your dreams.”

Have you ever had one of those days where everything goes great, no problems, no interruptions, and everything just seems so easy? Did you ever think to sit back and Thank God for those kind of days? We go through life so blind to what we should be thankful for, such as family, second chances, love, friendship, our health and so much more.

Meet Zoe, my inspiration :)

Today i had to opportunity to meet Zoe. Zoe is Handicapped and cannot function on her own. The wonderful caretakers who are diligently involved in the Children's Hospital, care for Zoe on a day to day basis. It was an amazing experience interacting with such a beautiful girl, she couldn't say much but the smile on her face said it all. Children have always been close to my heart and i love them all equally but for some reason today, my attention kept turning back to Zoe. Just the slightest touch from hand to hand lit her face up like you wouldn't imagine. 

These children maintain a pretty stable life from what they can, in a hospital. Have you ever stopped and actually thought about how blessed you truly are? These children don't chose to live these kind of lives, unfortunately this is how it has to be for them. But any opportunity they get to smile, they smile. And you should too. Instead of complaining everyday about what could be better, what you don't have, what you want and what isn't going the way YOU want.. why don't you replace those complaints with thanks. Thanks that your life is a gift, and you should treasure every second of it. Zoe was my inspiration.. whose yours? :)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

"Don't regret the choices you've made. We're human, we make mistakes. It's how you go about fixing them that matters."

- In the past couple months i put off blogging.. I kept staring at this empty box, debating on what to open up about. Little did i know the biggest events in my life took place in those couple months. So sitting here today writing makes me feel amazing, knowing that i have the opportunity to tell you a little bit about what I've learned.

Life throws many obstacles your way, but the most important thing to keep in mind is what the correct path you should go down. Being young it's always the roughest part, experiencing new things, opening new doors to your future, and figuring out who you truly are. But being my age, i can personally say that now, more than ever I am putting all my focus on myself. Girls will look to guys for comfort and love, but one thing that will take girls the longest time to figure out, is all guys are the same. And in some cases guys, it can be the other way around as well. But to tell you the truth, you won't truly like someone until you get married. Everyone else is just another opportunity for you to realize more about yourself. The number one important key in life is to put all your focus and trust in God, and keep doing what your doing to keep your life at a positive level. Don't look for trouble and don't let trouble find you, trust your instinct. If you know somethings wrong, don't do it.  It doesn't matter what kind of pressure is put on you, or who told you to do what. You do what YOU know is right. The more we follow others the more we lose sight of truly finding ourselves. 

Throughout my whole little journey the past couple months, i came to the realization that  what ever you go through, your never alone. And the one thing that will always be there for you no matter what, is your family. Without a strong relationship within your family, your weak. Your family is your stronghold, and you should be thankful for them each and every day. 

- One thing i would specifically like to touch on is girls individually. Being young i know there are many more trials that i will go through in life but i believe it's important to share what you know, you never know who you can help along the way. Many of us go through the same situations on a day to day bases, so why not prevent a problem for someone else using your own basic knowledge on what you learned :)

Girls: It's important for you to know is that you are B E A U T I F U L inside and out, no matter what anyone says... I couldn't stress it enough. It doesn't matter what anyone tells you, no matter the shape or size. What really matters is your heart. Make sure your heart is guarded at all times, but always know that not everyone is out to get you. Things will happen in life that will drag you down for a bit, but being able to keep your head held high from it is whats important. If we went through life dwelling on every little thing that happened, we would be stuck in our past, not being able to move forward. Always remember, your not alone in anything you go through. Gods got your back, and there will always be someone there to talk to you through your troubles. We focus on the things that are least important and thats what gets us introuble. If we really took a step back and looked at life from a smarter, more mature point of view, us girls would come to realize that life isn't as bad as it seems :)

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart; and do not lean on your own understanding. In all things acknowledge him, and he shall direct your path" - Proverbs 3:5,6 

                                                               a little pick me up :) 

Thursday, September 1, 2011

"Choose life"

Everybody goes through there times of struggle, some are more extreme then others.. I can give you the advice of simply pushing foward, but i would be giving you advice that I can't even take on my own sometimes. We all get sad at points, but you have to know when you cut the sadness and replace it with happiness. I have had countless times of struggle with my family, and I for one don't like struggle or fighting. But all those things is what makes a family grow stronger and stronger over time. My personal struggle has been one that many probably deal with, faith. Having faith in God that everything is going to be alright. And slowly am I myself, learning that no matter what the situation is, he will bring you out in happiness each and every time. But you have to trust in him. And yes you lack faith sometimes but you have to gain it back. Fight for it, and don't give up. 

It doesn't matter how many advice columns, helpful quotes, or people you talk to. People will still try to twist and turn a situation and make up there own silly solution. That's just how society is, they will either listen to everything you have to say and not take anything from it. Or simply not listen at all and come up with there own equation of life. But with a blog like this, i want to help you. I want to help you notice that this isn't something for you just to read and go on with life. Take all of what i'm saying and apply it. You're not the only one who goes through things, i promise you you're not alone, you will never be. If you believe in the Lord or not, he's always by your side and will always win. 

" For God so loved the world so much that he gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life" 
John 3:16

So from one friend to another, keep the faith & choose life.

I love this song and it blends well :o) I hope you like it too

Monday, August 22, 2011

“The love of a family is life's greatest blessing”

Ever hear that saying " Friends come and go but family is forever " .. Well it's true. No matter what struggles you go through in life, your family will always be there. We all have those moments when you feel as if you can do things on your own, or trust your friends more than your family because you can tell them everything and certain things you can't tell your parents or siblings.. Well that's false. There are 3 different ways people deal with there problems..

  1. Keep it to themselves and not giving it to God
  2. Let it out to your friends and have them give you a piece of there own advice
  3. Try and forget it all together

But there are down falls to all of those 3 acts. If you keep it to yourself, your bottling it up and letting it eat away at you. How does that benefit you at all? All that would ever do for me at the time would make me think and think until i would come up with some crazy solution. And as expressing your feelings go to your friends, well it isn't necessarily that bad, that is if your telling the right person. You can tell anyone any story, but just know that story may get twisted. Choosing your friends is a difficult task at times, but finding the right ones is the biggest accomplishment. Those ones who stick around through it all,  the ones that are there for you. Basically, make sure the friends that you have, are truly there for you.  Don't ever try to be someone your not, just because you feel you need to be accepted. You should be accepted for the beauty of who you truly are. And the last thing, trying to forget your problems. You can try your hardest to forget what is pulling at your heart or bothering you, but just know they may come back in the long run. And who wants to deal with something twice, even though they don't want to deal with it the first time? 

Just know that you are not alone with anything that you go through. God is right by your side through it all. He knows what your thinking, how your feeling, what your going through. Cast your burdens at the foot of the cross. I promise, you won't be disappointed, just unbelievably loved :-)

Sorry for the late posts guys, it's been a rough couple of days!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Love - An intense feeling of deep affection

Just another droopy day here in New Jersey, so why not another love post?
I was flipping through channels and stumbled upon a Cinderella Story and felt that it would apply well to this post for the day :-) 

"Waiting for you is like waiting for rain in this drought"

Have you ever felt like your waiting for something or someone and it has yet to come? I can relate to the waiting, many people can. You see a guy or a girl and say "there the one for me i just know it" or maybe you just get that feeling of butterflies in your stomach when he or she comes around. Well sometimes you just have to take baby steps and trust God. He will direct your paths better than you thought you could on your own. But before you make any drastic move, gather your thoughts and gather your heart, make sure you feel very strongly about it. If we went through life loving every single person we talked to, what would love really be defined as? 

In the movie, a breaking point comes in her life, where things that used to matter just don't matter anymore. She has faith and she knows that everything will turn out alright. Take that and make that your new mind set. All those little things that used to matter, put them in your past. If you live life with all of these boundaries, how are you expected to find love? Let loose and just be you. Fight for what you believe in and if your ending didn't turn out the way you planned, just know, something even greater is going to come along. So don't lose faith, simply keep going and in due time, if it's meant to be, it will be. 
And as for us girls, i promise you'll get your Cinderella ending :)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Follow your heart, but take your brain with you.

Today's just one of those rainy days, so I'll start off with a brief quote & a song that has been replaying in my head for countless hours. Just a little pick me up to get your day going and get your mind thinking :-)

"If your head tells you one thing, and your heart tells you another, before you do anything, you should decide if you have a better head or a better heart."

Take this quote, and make it your own. And what i mean by that, is try to apply it to your life. Maybe you have somebody that you love, but they might not be the right person for you, regardless of what the case may be. Do you sacrifice all that stands in your way, just to be with the one you love? Or do you think logically and put it aside and let God work things out? Many people believe all things happen for a reason, as do I. So let that reason take its course. Don't try to discombobulate the situation by attempting to think it through yourself.

I hope this helped out your a day a little! Have a happy Monday! :o)

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